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Gene Therapy Method Developed to Fight Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease affects over 30 million Americans, most of whom are unclear they are affected until later, much more dire stages. Current treatments are   limited in the later stages particularly:  kidney transplants or dialysis. “Chronic kidney disease is an enormous and growing problem,” said senior author Benjamin D. Humphreys, MD, PhD, director of the […]

Video Games & Venous Thromboembolism

In 2004, a 24-year-old man died from “Gamer’s thrombosis”—a venous thromboembolism (VTE) after playing an internet computer game for about 80 consecutive hours. Then, in 2013 a 31-year-old man who went to the hospital with pain and swelling in his leg. He claimed to have been playing PlayStation while lying in bed for 8 hours […]

New MRI scanner could revolutionize diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors

According to an article by Zara Adams done through the University of Southern California, new MRI’s are improving the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors. More specifically, Cushing’s tumors. As Cushing’s tumors are incredibly small and so the standard tests require blood, urine, and even sinus sampling tests. With the high-power resonance provided in new […]

A Delicious New Way to Fight Cervical Cancer

Look out teal, dark blue may be the new color of hope for cervical cancer patients everywhere. A study published in the  Pathology & Oncology Research, done by the University of Missouri School of Medicine has discovered that combining classic radiation treatment with blueberry extract can lead to a reduction in cervical cancer cells of up to 70%. […]